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Tate Ulrich , PMHNM

My name is Tate Ulrich. I am so excited to connect with you at Heartlight Family Clinic!

I am an ANCC board-certified Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner. My role is to screen for, assess, diagnose, educate about, and treat all types of psychiatric and mental health concerns across the lifespan.  My care philosophies include; a client is so much more than their complaint/diagnosis, and they deserve to have us truly “know” them. The client has the answer if the provider will just listen! And lastly, “natural forces within us, are the true healers of disease” ~ Hippocrates

I am a sixth generation Colorado native, who loves to spend time in my garden frolicking with hummingbirds and bees, hiking in the mountains, treasure hunting in antique/thrift stores, or basically anywhere my husband of 42 years might be. Our children are grown and leading successful lives, so we share our home with three neurotic but hilarious dogs who provide endless love and entertainment. My hobbies include gardening, watercolor, ceramics, fiber and bead art, cooking, and any manner of puzzles (crossword, jigsaw etc). In my past life, I was a competitive swimmer and an avid skier who loved the hard stuff… but as time has passed, and I have healed from numerous surgeries; my joints have made it clear that less punishing activity will be my mainstay.

I have been an RN for well over 30 years. I have worked in a variety of settings, but the majority has been in ER/ ICU, with the last half of my career spent as a Flight Nurse, doing helicopter EMS and critical care transport (via air and ground). This work is what drew me to mental health. I personally experienced, but also watched friends and colleagues suffer (sometimes with fatal coping mechanisms) from the effects of stress and acute-on-chronic trauma that is part of an EMS-type job. The first responder community shoulders a tremendous amount of mental health strain, yet they don’t generally ask for help. Part of this is cultural bias as rescuers, and part of it is that there are woefully few mental health providers (especially those with prescriptive authority), who have walked in their boots, and who really understand the day-to-day impacts that they endure. I have that street cred, I have walked in their boots, and I truly understand what they go through. I speak their language, and I possess their same dark and warped sense of humor. I hope to be a safe place for those first responders or medical providers in our community who have not found that kind of connection in the past.

Bear Another passion is looking beyond the “normal” treatment options. Working with clients to improve their lifestyles and help them heal through food, body work, supplements, and therapy. Of course, there is certainly a place for traditional, pharmaceutical treatment in mental health, and some clients prefer that option. However, as I have travelled my own journey, and begun to study a more integrative approach to mental health, I feel strongly that many mental health issues can be resolved without long term reliance on “Big Pharma.” In 2023, I will complete a certification in Integrative Psychiatry through the Integrative Psychiatric Institute, which will add to my professional toolbox and provide me with in-depth knowledge to address all manner of mental health issues from a more holistic perspective. One of the main tenets of that is to look deeper for a root cause rather than merely dulling symptoms with drugs. For instance, is there a trauma component that no one has explored? Is there a hormone deficiency that could easily be rectified? Is the person low on certain nutrients, amino acids, or neurotransmitters due to a disturbed gut microbiome? What can be corrected? That’s my kind of puzzle!!

Maintaining our mental health is so important, and yet often overlooked or minimized. I look forward to partnering with this community to form meaningful connections, and to foster a positive narrative about maintaining mental health and well-being.

I am thrilled to be a part of this phenomenal and progressive team!

Specialty Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner
Degrees ANCC board-certified
Training N / A
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